Games SoundDodge

Beta release

I just published my latest version of the SoundDodge game to google play store in a beta stage. You can all download my game using the following link :

Please give your feedback by mail or here in the comments.

In this beta / demo version you can play the first 5 levels of the game. I really want to know what you think about the game and how it feels to play.


Games SoundDodge


I’m currently working on a game called ‘SoundDodge’.
I have been working on the game on and off for the last 5 years.
I created a working version in 2017 and published it on the android store in alpha. I then took a break from it for about 2 years.
When I wanted to continue with the game, the framework that I used had a major overhaul and I wanted to use their latest version. So I started back from zero with their new version. New a few months later I have again a working version ready to deploy on the android store. The old version you can play here. Once I deployed the new version on the site and/or android store I’ll make an other post.



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